I discovered your music on YouTube and was lead by the Holy Spirit to your website. I love your music, and particularly when you sing in Hebrew, though I don’t understand a word! However, I’ve been drawn to Hebrew for sometime and like to watch the Psalms chanted and sung in Hebrew. I find your CD giveaway project to be very inspirational and trust that our Lord will continue to place His blessings upon it and all of your work! (Writing from Colorado, USA)

Praise God! You have such a beautiful talent – when you sing, God uplifts my soul! Hallelujah!

Hi Sarah
I found one of yours song on you tube and when i listened it i felt wind of Holy Spirit blowing on me like a cold breeze, something i haven’t felt for a long time and i have seen in spirit my self as a small
just new green plant in the ground that is all cracked from lack of water and Jesus came and approached the plant ,touch it and said He would never step on a growing plant,and after that rain came watered the earth. God Bless you , Shalom to you Sarah. Praised is our Lord ,My Lion of Judah,my friend and Savior one and only Jesus .

Wow! A friend sent me a link to listen to “Fire of Your Spirit” and I burst into tears of joy hearing it! Have listened to it daily since then! And found in the comments section, where to study Hebrew for free online! An answer to a prayer! May the Lord be with you and continue to bless you in your ministry!

So beautiful and uplifting song!! :-)
I get so peaceful and blessed when I listen to the song!! :-) <3

Thank you Sarah! :-)
Thank you Yeshua!! :-)

Actually it's one of my favorites!! :-)

I have been searching for worship music in Hebrew with English translation to help me learn Hebrew but also to praise Him in the language He gave His people. Your music is so gifted and anointed. It brings me to tears. Thank you from Dallas, TX.

I came across your worship music on YouTube, it is truly amazing. I love the anointed worship to our Lord of Lord’s and King of King’s!! I’m in Louisiana, USA. I have always wanted to go to Israel. Thank u for the English translation. The hebrew is beautiful, May the Lord Jesus bless you

Melinda Kissner

Thank you for sharing your Spirit given heart of worship. I stumbled onto ( or was led to) the video of Esh Ruchacha a couple of nights ago- talk about falling on my knees in tears of worship and praise! I live in Washington state, USA and don’t know if I will ever get to Israel but will join you all in heart, worship and prayer till we all can worship together at our real HOME!! Much love, Melinda


Shalom, This praise music is humbling and a blessed gift for anyone who’s grieving the passing of a beloved family member!
Please continue to sing Thee Almighty’s healing praise music. Which you have been divinely mentored to share with as many souls walking their human walk on this earth…

D song is touching more grace to ur elbow

Your CD has quickly become a favorite in our home – true worship, anointed by His Ruach, Halleluja – Playing it all the time
Thank you for the translations, love the hebrew!
Blessings from Texas!!

Thank you so much Doris!!! what a blessing! Thank you for writing and encouraging us here in Israel!

lynn marie curran

Your truely blessed and thank you for sharing your beautiful words and voice!

Thank you so much! be blessed!!

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of worship and praise! So lovely! My spirit jumped when I first heard your song! Anointed!

Wow, that is wonderful. Thank you so much. Be Blessed!

I stumbled onto one of your songs on Facebook. I live in USA in NC and as I am able I will help in a small way with your CD project. What beautiful and Spirit-filled music. Thank you! Chuck White

Thank you Chuck, hope you have found more of them (there is a youtube channel as well. Many blessings from Israel!

Truly anointed music.. I came across your new video while following a link from OneForIsrael.. so awesome to see Gods people worshipping Him..

Thank you Ricky for your encouragement, Praise the Lord for His goodness!
May you be blessed mightily in Him.

מאד יפה

Beautiful! praise Adoni!

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