“But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.” John 4:23 God has called a company of worshippers to northern Israel. These young Israelis, with a heart after His, are seeking true, lasting revival, as well as the continuous increase of the Lord’s presence. This group sacrificially pours themselves out in worship nights, held on the top of Mt. Carmel, Israel. Led by Sarah Liberman, “Lefanecha” captures both the pioneering vision and the essence of this revelatory sound, aligning our worship with the worship of Heaven. This much awaited CD, captured the sound of corporate Israeli worship and Mt. Carmel worship watches as well as personal worship times. Read more about the inspiration behind this project and songs in Behind the Scenes.


I came across your music video on you tube ‘Fire of Your Spirit’ and loved it! True worship from the heart. May God truly bless your dedication in worshiping him in spirit and in truth. Simply beautiful…

I like your songs for real….. To be honest keep it up

Teresa Rose Alvarez

Love Your worship style, this the way we are to commune with our Creator! You are an exceptional artist that displays genuine affection to our Father! I really love your ministry of worshipping our greatmajestic God! Bless your journey cause you have blessed mine!

My precious Sister in Yeshua, you have revived my spirit by your wonderful worshipping our King of Kings and LORD of Lords Yeshua. I felt His Presence lifiting me up while listening. I am an old worshipper and I had to lay down my voice for some years due to grievious times but now I am getting up again to worship my LORD. I thank God for you and may you, your loved ones and all Israel be blessed by Him who was and is and is yet to return!

Ravi Paul, India

I was looking out for Christian Hebrew worship songs, and the Lord showed me your anointed song Gadol Adonai Umehulal Me’Od. I begin my day listening your worship song, and the song is played again and again in my mind throughout the day while I work. I have nearly bighearted your worship song and so my family is blessed here in India. When I have faced difficult situations, I just praised God singing your worship song and the Lord has delivered me from them all. Be it traffic jam while traveling, instead of focusing on traffic, Your worship song is replayed in my mind and the Lord takes me home safe and sound. Halelujah ki malach Adonai Eloheinu.

I came across your worship music on YouTube, it is truly amazing. I love the anointed worship to our Lord of Lord’s and King of King’s!! I’m in Louisiana, USA. I have always wanted to go to Israel. Thank u for the English translation. The hebrew is beautiful, May the Lord Jesus bless you

I can’t wait to purchase this album and the one you have coming out in a couple weeks! You can hear your genuine love for the Father throughout. Thank you for
sharing your ministry in music, worshiping in Spirit & in Truth, and being a willing vessel. Shalom to you sister!!!

[…] discovered a new and moving talent in Sarah Liberman. Her album L’fanecha (In Your Presence) will forever remind me of our spirit-filled trip. Her highly-memorable songs are […]

As I continue to grow on this second year of being a christian as God used music to pull me close to him as he perfectly knew I would follow, I have amazingly crossed paths with your album and your beautiful gift. Sarah, may God bless your talents and may he continue to use you to help us praise and glorify his name in spirit and truth as his heart wishes us too. Shalom*

WOW!!! Am I dreaming or am I in a dream…..But even so, come quickly Yeshua!!!

[…] has just released her first worship project called – ‘Lefanecha’ – I Am Before You. This much awaited CD, captured the sound of corporate Israeli worship and Mt. Carmel worship […]

WOW!!! Am I dreaming or am I in a dream…..But even so, come quickly Yeshua!!!

Your CD arrived the other day. I put and play it and straight away and I would have to say that is one of the best worship CD I have heard. As you sing along with it takes you into our Father presence. In the end I was weeping as I worship along with Sarah and team.

We got our cd yesterday. What a great album!

My 3 year old daughter and I watched “Fire of Your Spirit” multiple times during Sukkot! She kept asking, “can we watch the Tabernacle video with Sarah Liberman?”

Keep making great music that glorifies Yeshua from Eretz Yisrael!

Gilbert Matthews

Wow I enjoyed the Worship regardless language difference

I realy love your songs especialy
FIRE OF YOUR SPIRIT i love tht one i love the words i praise the lord day to night but i love your songs i will love to meet you in person and i will love to sing with you im guessing i can’t. But you sing so beautiful sarah liberman
Abd God blessed you from united states

Dear Sarah,
I need you to know….
The works of faith are most charished, heaven and earth praises with you!!!! YOUR GIFTS OF THE SPIRIRT ARE SO IMPORTANT. TO ALL OF US, PLEASE TELL THE WHOLE BAND HOW WE LOVED THEM SO MUCH!!!!
ATA GADOL…..Amazing….

Keep going, your support is unparalleled….HALLELUJAH! We promise you all of our support, in your ministry, YOUR BLESSED!


Hi, I just heard a song in English that you did……wow, anointed and filled with Holy Spirit. Thank You Yeshua for giving Sarah such a beautiful anointed gift! Daddy God You rock!!!

Hey Kim, Thank you so much for your comment! Praise the Lord for his goodness. Many blessings to you from Israel!

I am so happy to see you have an album! I loved hearing your worship when I was visiting in 2013 and have been periodically looking for your music since that time! Beautiful!! It’s full of the Spirit and thrilled that you have recorded an album!

Hey Christina, Thank you so much for the encouragement! Praise the Lord for his goodness and faithfulness to let us record these songs and bring some to life in the music videos. Many blessings to you from Israel!

I was so elated to see you and what you’re doing in Israel! We pray for Israel constantly with fervor and great hope that the people will come to know Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Messiah! We desire for the YHVH of Israel to show Himself as He did with your forefathers in the days of old! His Glory coming down with Power and true salvation – Shalom of God! May Jew and Gentile come together again in Praise unto Yeshua! Our hearts are with you!

I just downloaded the CD via iTunes because I’m in Texas / USA! I cannot wait to praise HIM!! I pray for those who do not yet know their Jewish Messiah but would know Him after being drawn to Him through this CD. All GLORY to YHWH for the fruit He produced in and through you. May you and the entire band be richly blessed!

AMEN! Thank you so much Tammy. We are filled with gratitude for your faithfulness to partner with us in this project God laid on our hearts. Many you be blessed mightily as you have blessed the people here!

Are English translations available

Shalom Katherine,
Yes, the translations and transliterations are available in the CD booklet and online right here: http://www.sarahliberman.com/chord-sheets/.

Many blessings,

So glad to see you finally stepped into the next chapter of your destiny. I see the LORD smiling down on you!

COMMENT ACHETER EN EURO VOTRE CD ? Je suis en europe plus particulièrement en France


Hi Sarah!

I hope you get this (I’m not sure why I don’t have any contact info for you), but I LOVE your new CD! It’s so worshipful! Every song seems to be the cry of my heart these days. Thanks for putting so much effort into putting it out at a time like this!


I saw you at Celebration for the nations in Llanelli in 2013. I really want to find one song you did. I can’t remember the lyrics exactly but I think there was something like “coming in closer” and “…on the other side”. It was very upbeat. By the way I was mightily blessed by your ministry.

Sounds amazing and I can’t wait to get my own copy. God is Good!!

Dear Sarah your cd given to me by precious Hazel this last summer. It is so anointed an absolutely awesome. Keep moving forward in the calling the LORD IS using this powerful worship to touch HIS people an also know it’s going to touch unbelievers to know HIM. PRAISE be to JESUS

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